November 13, 2008

With so many people going giddy with anticipation, I must say I'm very skeptical about the movie. I loved the Twilight series. The author is talented and creative and I enjoyed reading it. If you ask my opinion on the books, I'll admit to having specific things about each novel that I did not appreciate, but I'll tell you that overall I really enjoyed them.

When it comes to the movie however, I'm not sure I want to watch it. Let's just say, the trailer made me feel like the movie would be a complete let-down. Let me explain that. I have a very specific visual of the characters, the locations, and the events in the book. (That's what reading is all about.) But watching the trailer, I already felt that it was not a good portrayal of the book. (At least, it's not the way I would portray it.)

So - when I recently saw this spoof on the trailer I found it hilarious. Some, I am sure find it a mockery of a totally awesome movie. But that's the point. I feel that the movie will end up being a mockery of a totally awesome book.

November 10, 2008

I better have a little girl someday because I already see things and think about making them for a daughter. This is one of the cutest girls rooms I have seen lately. I'm going to use it as inspiration for my sons next room. (Except it will be cars, trains, and planes as the theme.)

Check out the room here on Cup of Coco's Blog. The details in this room are amazing!