July 29, 2008

Blog Reading Time Savers (This ones for you Mom)

I recently learned about Google Reader. It's one of those great internet tools that I think I learned about a little later than others. Perhaps it's because I've just started reading blogs (that is, surfing through craft blogs for creative ideas). But I must confess I am grateful to my friend that showed me the light. I decided it was only fair to share my little time saver with everyone else.
If you don't already use it - here's how:
  1. From Google or your google home page - press more in the top (very top left of google screen) menu and scroll down to Reader. From Gmail - press Reader in the top menu.
  2. Sign in to Google Reader using your gmail account or set up a new account.
  3. In the left hand column click Add subscription. (Big blue plus sign beside it.)
  4. Enter the blog address (ie. maggiemugginsdesigns.blogspot.com) and press add.
  5. The blog will show up below in a list called Subscriptions and will likely have several *new posts. You use this just like an email inbox. Beside the Subscriptions there is a drop down arrow. Click on it and you will see several settings. My favorite in here is Show Updated which then only shows the blogs in your list that have a post you haven't read. When the blog is first added all the entries for the last month are marked as new. Click on the blog and then in the right screen above all the entries click on Mark all as read.
  6. If there are problems: try adding it again, it may not have worked. Also check if it's a private blog or not (if it's one you have been invited to and have to log in to - it doesn't have a published feed for Google Reader). Sometimes Google Reader will come up with several sites and ask you which one you mean. Usually the best bet is the one you entered, if it's not there try the one with feed in it.
  7. It is possible to divide all your subcriptions up into sub-folders. To do that click on Settings in the upper right corner and select Reader Settings. Then click on Subscriptions. Beside each blog subscription you have the option to Change Folders. Click on that, select New Folder and type in the folder name you want to move it to. (I have mine divided between friends and craft stuff for right now.)
  8. You can save something as a favorite post by clicking on the Star beside the post title. Then when you use the search tool to go back and search for posts that you liked, you can search for starred posts only.
  9. Lastly, you have the option of views in the reader section. Above the posts on the right you will see a "Show: Expaneded - List" You can select either. Expanded will show each post in full, List will show only a list of titles.
OK Happy time saving and good luck!


Rita E said...

First visit...came via Reinvented...strolled thru your blog and found this post. I am new to blogging and had seen this Google Reader but had NO IDEA what it was .. thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I am now a happy blogger!