July 2, 2008

Family Photos

We got our family photos taken yesterday. Kali did a fabulous job. I'm so grateful to her for taking the time to do this for us. Aside from our grad pictures (which although OK were nothing fun to admire) we hadn't had family pictures since we were married. Ouch. That's almost 3 years ago now!
I must admit it was stressful picking out the clothing. I think we did well though. I was going for casual but still good-looking. After going through closets and going shopping for co-ordinating things I am pleased that I only bought one piece of clothing (my top). The rest we all had! (We even all had nice brown sandals!)
It was a kind of cloudy day and then an hour or two before we took off the sun came out and it got really warm. We were so hot wandering around Gas Works Park in Seattle. Worst of all the little one did not want to look at the camera. But in the end we got some great pictures. Check out Kali's blog to see some of them.


Suze said...

The pictures are gorgeous!

...and your outfits are perfect!

...Alex is a cutie!

CALL ME!! We have to get together!

Q said...

Oh my goodness! he is soooo cute! I love your new site! that is soo cool. I wish I had the time and/or patience to that sort of thing. the pic's are great! you guy's look so happy.

KALI said...

Oh I love your photos, Who took them she is awesome, Just Kidding. Hey thanks for promoting me on your blog!