June 27, 2008

Zions Camp

June 20th my husband packed up the car and I ran through last minute details for our group camp. I must confess - this was the first ever camp I'd planned. But I must say, none of this was all my own. I had input on locations, plans, meals, and even my husband pitched in and did last minute calls and things. (Plus he did all of the shopping for our camp supplies - HE ROCKS!)
This all began months ago when the Simply Doing Something group I run decided we should all go camping together with our husbands. I thought it was a great idea - and it was. The hardest part was finding a location that wasn't booked. Boy am I glad all the State parks no longer had group sites available. That is why we ended up at Zion's Camp! It is a wonderful LDS camp. It's a huge property right on a lake. It had so many things to do - trails to hike, boats and all sorts of stuff for sports to rent. Playground areas and all sorts of cool things to discover and explore.
11 couples in total showed up. It was way more of a turn-out then I expected. It had been raining all week and finally that Friday - out peaked the sun and we had the most wonderful weather. It was just perfect for camping!
With all the stress of packing, a semi-sick son and all going on I'll admit I was on edge - but once we arrived it was like all that stress melted away and I was able to just relax and enjoy the weekend.
Friday night we had a BBQ and then once it was dark we had a fire and roasted marshmallows for Smores. A couple of our friends also brought Starbursts for roasting - have you tried that? Delicious! (Thanks girls!)
Saturday morning we were up early with the little tike and we enjoyed a small fire at our site, a pancake breakfast with a bunch of our friends. And we got a little time in at the lake before heading home. It was so much fun. A lot of the couples plan to go back - and I'll confess the same. We will be back out there sometime soon.
I want to especially thank the husbands for building the fires and cooking our food!