June 29, 2008

Security Cuddle Blanket

My son has a favorite blanket. I know, that's completely normal for someone his age. But still, it's incredible to me how one so little can be so attached to something. This is the blanket that my dear sister-in-law made for him. It's really cute, but best of all it's really soft. After hours of trying to keep him from dragging the blanket around (he was just too little to really pull it behind him) I finally called my sister-in-law up and asked her to make a mini version. Thankfully she did. He no longer tried to drag the larger one around.
So this past weekend as I was washing the laundry and the puked on favorite blanket (which he hadn't seen for two days) was in the pile. My son caught site of it and immediately was trying to get to it. I got it away quickly and popped it up on the counter. He threw a tantrum and then finally calmed down. I thought he was over it. Needless to say, as I was loading the laundry into the washer, he was behind me, climbing another pile to get to his blanket. No kidding! I turned around when I heard him grunting, straining to reach that blanket at the back of the counter. And he got it! I gave in and let him drag it about for a while. (By the way - the puke was rinsed off.) He finally left it and I managed to get it into the next load. Over? No! As I was moving the blanket from the washer to the dryer he caught sight of it again. No kidding! And it was about all I could do to get it in the dryer. Temper Tantrum again. Finally, I found the mini blanket and calmed him down with that.
So later, as he walked past the dry pile and saw his blanket once again - that was it. He had it down and was snuggle up to it in a flash. That night he was so content to have it back in the crib.
So to those of you wondering... it truly is the most cuddly, wonderful blanket. It's knitted so it just drapes over and wraps up the baby wonderfully. That's probably what makes it a favorite.