June 7, 2008

Goodbye Tucanos... Hello Ipanema!

I suppose I should begin with an explanation of my love for red meat. I must say I enjoyed good quality beef during my youth but at a restaurant given the choice of steak or a burger I chose the burger. I'll admit, I still sometimes do. But a year and a half spent living in Argentina taught me a lot about how wonderfully delectable juicy meats can be. Just thinking about an Argentine Asado makes my mouth start to water.

Since my mission in Argentina the closest thing I have had to an Argentine asado has been Tucanos. It's a wonderful Brazilian restaurant in Provo. I craved the meat, and especially, during my pregnancy, I craved the grilled Pineapple. (Not Argentine, but truly delicious.) I was so sad to leave that restaurant behind. But I discovered another Brazilian grill in Seattle. I only hoped it would compare.

Step back to Mother's Day where one my gifts was lunch at Ipanema. We've been wanting to go for a while but dinner is $30/person. Ouch. So instead, we went for lunch. I'll admit, I was rather hesitant, I really didn't want to be disappointed. And I wasn't!

The food was terrific. The buffet was excellent and the meat was better than it was at Tucanos. (Although the garlic steak needed more garlic!) We went with our friends, the Campbells and we all had a blast. Unfortunately, they did not have grilled pineapple. I so miss the pineapple. If anyone knows where I can get it in the Seattle area - please let me know.