March 25, 2008

The Tax Nightmare

I'm not sure what caused taxes to become so complicated for us this year. Buying a house, a company buyout, a new job, and a new baby are only a few things we have to add into our files. Once again we decided to go to H&R Block to make it easier. I'm not sure at which point we decided not to file through them. Was it when the lady said: "I'm not sure what goes in this box - I'll just put 0" or "Let's just try it this way." or was it when my husband repeatedly told her what to enter? After our time well wasted there we returned home pleased with the amount of money they'd calculated for our refund (very unexpected) but not at all confident that it was correct. Not to mention they wanted to charge us nearly $300 for their efforts. So we bought Turbo-Tax for $50. After several hours of what seemed like misery in front of the computer my husband had completed the Turbo-Tax forms. Could it be true that H&R Block had significantly under-calculated? And I mean SIGNIFICANTLY! We're talking about $3,000 here people! We went to an account for a review and she told us our paperwork was completed correctly. That cost us less than 1/3 of what H&R block would have charged.

So for all of you wondering how to do your taxes this year - I can't say I know myself what to do. But I can say this: if you don't feel confident with the person preparing your taxes it might be worth your while to go buy a tax program and run through it on your own to verify.